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A Fanmade Creation

Explore the world of Zombies Run! in musical form with this unaffiliated fanmade creation. Save the world from evil scientists and a slightly love-obsessed hippie all while running from the encroaching zombie horde.

Good Morning to the Apocalypse

-Simon Lauchlan

This product is not official and is not approved or endorsed by nor associated or connected with Six To Start Limited or Naomi Alderman. ZOMBIES, RUN! belongs to Six To Start Limited and Naomi Alderman. Visit

Who Are We?

Hey there! We are a bunch of ZR fans pulled together over our mutual (and a little obsessive) love for a running app. This fandom has so many talented people, including some very wonderful musicians and composers and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!

Be Brave

I promise you:Starting tomorrowI’ll be brave. Featuring Sophie as Sam Yao, Becca as Zoe Crick, Mel as Phil Cheeseman, Christina as Amelia Spens, and the Ensemble SAM:I am a pocket watchI don’t know what to do with my handsI’m a little too obsessed with the timeAnd making sure things turn outExactly like I plannedWill you…

Human After All

What if I had been human after all? Featuring Emma as Ernest Van Ark VAN ARK:Before the silver notes beginI know that it’s all overI know before the box begins to playThe hands have stopped their steady beatThe platinum face is laughingAnd says, “You’ve got two seconds–Ernest, what are you going to sayTo this boyWho…


I was wrong about you,You were wrong about me… Featuring Christina as Amelia Spens, Jonathan as the Foreman, Sophie as Sam Yao, Emma as Ernest Van Ark, and the Ensemble AMELIA [spoken]: Hello, Sam! SAM [spoken]: Amelia! What are you doing here? AMELIA [spoken]: Pickpocketed an invitation. Looks like you and Five incinerated the rest…

Listen to Act I

Fight an evil scientist and outrun the fast zombies! Listen to Act I and read the summary now and relive the terror that is Van Ark!

The Making Of

Wanna know how you make a musical in the middle of a pandemic across different continents, have a look at behind the scenes!

The Blog

Have a look behind the scenes and keep up to date with our blog – warning we are not the most professional team.